About Cotillon

Congratulations, here you are! The proposal has been made and it is now time to organize your wedding. Your brain is working all day long, ideas are flowing, and your Pinterest boards are full. But where should you start? Will the photographer be the right one? What is a good caterer? Combining private and professional life is already a hard task to deal with, adding an all wedding organization on top of that might not be what you want!

This is a full-time job, and this is why I decided to make a career of it. Agence Cotillon has been created to help brides and grooms in organizing their big day with joy, cheerfulness and especially without stress! Being a Wedding Planner is a true passion for me, but to be a real professional I validated my abilities and skills through a certified training in Paris.

I am a perfectionist, well organized and rigorous, but that does not prevent me from adding my little madness in everything I do! There are no crazy ideas, what matters the most is that your event suits you perfectly. Everything is possible, but always done with good taste and refinement!

My concern is to work with the best service providers, chosen for their talent and professional abilities. And in order to lower my ecological impact, I try as much as possible to work with people from our region. You don’t need to travel the world to find a talented professional!

I believe in beautiful encounters, so if you have ended up here let’s meet! You can find me on social medias (Facebook and Instagram), or directly contact me here so we can talk about your great day. See you soon!

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