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Before talking about Cotillon, let’s talk about you!

For your degree, then for your first day of your first job, your family and friends have never been so stressed out. What for ? It is your wedding for God’s sake!

Let’s freshen all this up shall we ? I support you all the way through with my organization skills, my professional tools and some killer contractors to keep up with your wedding expectations. To know more about my services, you have all the details here.

So let’s fill those Pinterest boards, get inspired by trendy wedding blogs and bring out the colofurl sticker note : I suggest, I organize, you get to decide! But above all, we create a customized wedding. Who on earth would like to get married just like their neighbors ?



Working with local contractors, avoiding the use of disposable material : simple things for a meaningful wedding.

Agence Cotillon Wedding Planner Nantes - shooting mariage Cinco de Mayo


Because your wedding cannot look like anyone else’s, I suggest contractors who fit both your personalities and wishes.



I make a point of working only with registered and talented contractors, so I can guarantee a professional work and a great result.


So here we are, the moment in that “About page” where I describe my degrees, share my hobbies and tell you what I like and dislike. If you’re lucky, I might even give you the name of my cat. But do you really need to know that “I like chocolate” or that “I am afraid of spiders” ? I don’t think so…

If I had met you during a party, I would have said that for a long time I didn’t know what to do with my life, until I see the french movie “Le sens de la fête”. That I studied English and Arabic, because well I like to stand out and do things differently. Then I would have also told you that I worked in a tilted hotel in Nantes (well may be the architect wanted to stand out too). During this party, I would have toasted with lemonade or hot cocoa (depending on the weather) because I don’t drink alcohol. 

Then I would have asked you your names and what you like in life (because I am a polite person). What ? Me too I love pizza! Oh you’re getting married soon ? Great news! How about I help with you that ? You’ll see it’s gonna be great, we can even serve pizza.

By the way it’s Mimo, the name of my cat. Like “Mimolette”, it’s a french cheese, because I like cheese too.

Social media

If the hairy jacket hasn’t discourage you and if you want to know more about me, you can follow me on social media  : 

Mimo and I love receiving emails, so you can write us something here.

See you soon!

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